1. Tap on the image to open the model
2.Go to the " ⋮ " three dots icon in the upper right of your screen, and select 'Augmented Reality'
Open the camera (or the Kubity Go app) on your mobile and scan this QR Code
Follow the onscreen instructions to open the model
Go to the " ⋮ " three dots icon in the upper right of your screen, and select ‘Augmented Reality’

The One-Click 3D Communication Tool

Instantly explore and showcase your 3D models in photorealistic augmented and virtual reality.

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Explore these models

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1. Open the camera on your mobile
2. Point it at the QR code above
3. Follow the onscreen instructions
OR search for "Kubity Go" In the App store or on Google Play.
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Augment your reality.

Instantly transform your SketchUp and Revit models with Kubity into an AR-ready model. See how your models will look, fit, and feel in a space right away for faster decision-making.

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Virtual reality. Virtually anywhere.

Kubity allows you to explore your 3D models on-the-go right from your phone with Oculus Go, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR in just the click of a button.

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Big presentations. Better control.

Instantly screen mirror your 3D models with Kubity and control from your phone or tablet to give big screen presentations that wow.

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Automatic Photorealistic Render.

Instantly transform your SketchUp and Revit projects with
high-quality, fully immersive renders in a single click.

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We’re using Kubity as one of the first steps in purchasing a design. It's motivating for clients to see a beautiful home on their lot at a time when they can't imagine anything there.
Lani McLychok, Principal Architect, T.A.G Inc., USA
Exploring 3D reconstructions with Kubity is far more powerful than looking at pictures. We’ve had tens of thousands of positive comments about the experience and its value.
Matthew Nicholls, Professor of Classics, University of Reading, UK
Kubity has saved our company a lot of time in responding to RFIs that would have eaten into our profits.  
Damian O’Neill, Technical Director, Lyons O’Neill, UK
Using VR with Kubity takes our work to another level. It brings our clients closer to the feeling of the space more than any 2D experience possibly could.  
Artiz Gonzalez, Architect, Mapout, Spain
Kubity is fast, easy to use, and contains a bit of magic.
Darren White, Principal, Baseplate, Australia
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