Convert and Share your
SketchUp & Revit* files
in immersive and interactive 3D Models.

* If you're using Revit, get the rvt2skp plugin to convert your file

in Virtual Reality

in Screen Mirroring

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A SketchUp file exported by Kubity is made interactive and immersive on any device, automatically. It is shareable and accessible on a web browser or the Kubity Go app.

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No software to install. Unlimited sharing

• Open models in a web browser or on the mobile app.  No extra fees for clients and co-workers. 

• Keep projects moving by sending a model link to anyone over text message, email or social media.

• Just drop a 3D file and it works like magic*.

* Magic is in the algorithm.

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What else with Kubity?


Your 3D models, made better.

Interactive and immersive models

Loads lightning fast

Works on any device

Simple drag & drop web app interface for .skp files

Dynamic models on-the-go

Screen Mirroring

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Instantly screen mirror 3D models and control from a phone or tablet for big-screen presentations that wow.

See how your models will look, fit, and feel in a space right away for faster decision-making.

Explore 3D models on-the-go right from a phone with Google Cardboard, in just the click of a button.

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Revit to SketchUp

Revit to SketchUp, Fast.

The one-click plugin that converts Revit projects to SketchUp models.

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Rev up productivity by dropping your new .skp file into Kubity

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rvt2skp protects the integrity of the original Revit project by accurately conserving: 

→ Geometry
→ Materials
→ Textures
→ Linked Models



rvt2skp exports are compatible with all the latest versions of SketchUp from SketchUp 8 to 2023.



Retains sun settings, location and render appearance paths consistent with the original Revit project.

→ Locations
→ Sun Settings
→ Render Appearance Paths



Exports automatically convert '3D Views’ as ‘Scenes’ and ‘Families’ as ‘Groups & Layers’ for maximum modifiability.

3D Views → Scenes
Families → Group & Layers


* 1 license = 1 user. Unlimited access for one year. Billing currency is determined by your location. You will be billed in either USD ($) or EUR (€). VAT may apply.

Get installed.






Step 1 icon - Make sure Revit is closed
Step 2 icon - Download the rvt2skp plugin from the Autodesk App Store
Step 3 icon - Double click the file to start the installation
Step 4 icon - Open Revit. Click the rvt2skp button

Make sure Revit is closed.

Download rvt2skp from the Autodesk App Store.

Double-click file to begin installation. Follow prompts.

Open Revit. Click rvt2skp in Add-Ins to begin conversion.






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Export your SketchUp project to an interactive and immersive 3D model for better, faster design decisions.

Get unlimited access for
Just $99
/ year*

If you're using Revit, get the rvt2skp plugin
to convert your file.
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The one-click plugin that converts Revit projects to SketchUp models.

Get unlimited access for
Just $99
/ year*

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Kubity+ : your SketchUp & Revit files
in interactive and immersive 3D Models.

Get unlimited access for
Just $149
/ year*

More than one license bought :
Get up to 50% discount
50% discount for orders more than $2000 with 50DEAL coupon, 30% discount for orders up to $500 with 30DEAL coupon, 15% discount for orders up to $200 with 15DEAL coupon.

*1 license = 1 user. Billing currency is determined by your location. You will be billed in either USD ($) or EUR (€). VAT may apply.

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